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About Us

Japanese Shinkyu Clinic offers traditional Japanese medicine including acupuncture for beauty, muscle therapy, chiropractic, electrical stimulation and cupping. Our certified acupuncturists are the specialists in traditional Skinkyu treatment which helps you to achieve younger-looking skin, better postures as well as promote mind-body balance in a safe and natural way. The clinic conveniently located in the heart of Bangkok, Sukhumvit Road. Our friendly staff are always ready to serve you with trustworthy service.



The boxing trainer, teaching must be from customers always. Causes back pain and lumbar sprainAfter treatment with acupuncture is just the first. It found that lower back pain Can return to normal as soon as possible to customer Sir tutorial?



"I have numbness on the right side of the. Open your mouth and are hurt by that experience, but after consulting with the doctor, and then. It found that the cause may not have caused the face alone, but from the pelvis, twisted to one side. Make a structure in the body in alignment, but after treatment found that the right side of the face, numbness and decreased. Open your mouth more. It also helped lift my face too. GD"